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The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is an example of what K&S Audio

is all about - a custom designed speaker

with almost no compromise on performance

and looks.

Main Speakers:

4-Way Active Design using plywood, carbon

fibre, sand and lead-shot to create an

ultra-rigid and highly damped enclosure

free from any panel resonance.

There are no passive components between the

amplifier outputs and driver terminals

ensuring full and proper control of the driver

at all times.

Integrated Amplifiers

Bass: Morel Ultimo124 Ti Amp 1200WRMS 70-280Hz

Mid: Dynaudio 15W75 Amp 600WRMS 280-1140Hz

Mid: Dynaudio M560D Amp 300WRMS 1140-4480Hz

Twtr: Dynaudio T330D Amp 300WRMS 4480Hz+

Crossover: DSP FIR 80dB/oct 0.1dB Pre-ring

Weight = 125kg each.

Subwoofer: (not shown)

4th Order Bandpass wide bandwidth Stereo

14-90Hz ± 0.7dB Ripple

120dBA @ 20Hz 1m (both channels driven)

RCF: 2 x L18P200KN

Amp: 2 x 1200WRMS 10-70Hz

Crossover: DSP FIR 80dB/oct 0.1dB Pre-ring

Weight = 330kg